Report: Vehicle gas prices expected to rise

Vehicle gas prices in Hungary are expected to rise by HUF 3-5 per liter, with the price of diesel remaining the same, economy research institute GKI Gazdaságkutató Zrt. said in a report today.
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Hungary could welcome 150 EV charging stations

Approximately 150 charging stations for electric vehicles could be set up in Hungary in the coming year, in addition to the existing 39, National Economy Minister Mihály Varga said at an exhibition on e-transport on Saturday.
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New car registrations up 22% in April

Registrations of new passenger cars in Hungary saw a year-on-year increase of 22% to 6,737 in April, the Hungarian Association of Vehicle Importers (MGE) told Hungarian news agency MTI today.
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Hungaryʼs vehicle fuel sales rise 10% in Q1

Vehicle fuel sales in Hungary saw a year-on-year rise of 10% in the first quarter of this year, with a total of 692 million liters sold, the Hungarian Petroleum Association (MASZ) said today.
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Casco insurance sales stay steady at 21% in 2014

Despite both sales of new and used cars jumping by 10% and 20%, respectively, in Hungary last year, the number of vehicle owners opting for casco voluntary vehicle insurance remained at around 21%, the online insurer of General Group reported on Friday based on its own survey of the market.
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Suzuki launches production of Vitara in Hungary

Japanese car producer Suzuki today launched production of its new Vitara model at its Hungarian plant in Esztergom in northern Hungary, the company announced at the opening ceremony today.
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Report: New car registrations grow y.o.y. 18%

New passenger car registrations in Hungary saw a year-on-year rise of 18%, to 5,914, in February, with light commercial vehicle registrations increasing by a y.o.y. 31% to 1,242, automotive industry information service Jato Dynamics told Hungarian news agency MTI today.
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Rába wins HUF 5 bln tender to supply chassis for fire engines

Rába Vehicle affiliated with the Hungarian state-owned company Rába Automotive Holding won a HUF 5 bln open tender to supply chassis for disaster relief vehicles to state-owned BM HEROS, yesterday's issue of the Public Procurement Gazette showed. 
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New Ford sales jump 37.8% in Hungary

The sales of new Ford models in Hungary grew last year by 37.8%, well over the 21.6% growth of the market as a whole, Central and Eastern European Sales told Hungarian news agency MTI today. Sales of Ford LCVs increased by 42.7% reaching 3,345 to give it a 16.1% market share.
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New passenger vehicles sales rise 21%

Hungary saw a year-on-year increase of 21% to 6,093 new passenger vehicles in December, Jato Dynamics announced yesterday. 
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MABISZ: Mandatory vehicle insurance premiums little changed

The average annual premium for mandatory vehicle insurance policies in Hungary was HUF 20,094 in Q1-Q3, practically level with a year earlier, but well under those in most other European Union member states, professional association MABISZ announced today.
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Exedy announces HUF 7.3 bln expansion in Hungary

Japanese clutch and torque converter maker Exedy Corporation is spending HUF 7.3 bln to expand its base in Hungary, CEO Koji Akita said on Wednesday, according to news agency MTI.
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Shutdowns slow vehicle manufacturing output in August

Output growth of Hungary's vehicle manufacturing companies – which is inevitably the main driver of growth in Hungary's industrial sector – slowed to 4.3% y.o.y. in August from 32.0% in July, a second reading of data released by the Central Statistics Office (KSH) revealed today.
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KSH: Vehicle manufacturing output up almost 24%

Vehicle manufacturers continued to lift industrial output in June, a second reading of data published today by the Central Statistics Office (KSH) shows.
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Hungary’s industrial production on the rise

Industrial production in Hungary grew by 2.4% in April, preliminary figures by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) have revealed. The 12-month index has seen a 10.1% increase.
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Waberer's to replace 600 vehicles this year

Waberer's management will decide later this year whether to expand the company's fleet by a further 100 vehicles.
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Hungary new car registrations up 7% in March

Four new buses were registered in March.
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Daimler inaugurates €800 mln plant in Hungary

The plant will employ about 3,000 people to turn out the next-generation compact models.
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Hungary retail sales edge up 0.6% in January

Last year's retail sales were rising the first time since 2006.
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Automotive industry supplier KMGy puts new capacity online

Hungarian vehicle instrument maker KMGy will soon start production with 20 workers at unit Tamgép's base in Tamási.
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