Fringe Russian party: Return Ukraine land to Hungary, Poland, Romania

Could Hungary actually see an increase in national territory for the first time since the 19th century? Incredibly unlikely, but if the fantastical scenario proposed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky and his far-right party LDPR came to fruition, this would indeed happen at the expense of Ukraine. 
PoliticsTuesday, 09:00, March 25, 2014 Read more

Border guards accused of systematic corruption

Hungarian border guards regularly demand bribes from Romanians heading to Great Britain for jobs, according to a UK newspaper. Authorities regularly demand a €300 “fee” from Romanian groups, with refusal to pay often meaning unwarranted confisication of personal items...
PoliticsMonday, 08:30, January 6, 2014 Read more

MKB signs contract on sale of Romanian unit

MKB Bank, the Hungarian unit of Germany-based BayernLB reported yesterday the signing of a contract for the sale of its direct 96.3% stake in Romania-based Nextebank S.A. on December 31, getting a deal promised in August down just under the wire...
BusinessFriday, 10:00, January 3, 2014 Read more

Hungarian-Romanian mixed economic-committee session set

Foreign Trade State Secretary Péter Szijjártó and Minister of Economy Andrei Gerea of Romania agreed at a meeting in Bucharest, Romania, on Monday to convene a session of the Hungarian-Romanian mixed economic-committee...
EconomyTuesday, 10:30, November 26, 2013 Read more

Show of support for Szeklerland in Hungary, Romania

This weekend saw demonstrations in Budapest, Debrecen, Szolnok and 14 towns in the Transylvanian segment of Romania in a show of solidarity for ethnic Hungarians living abroad and in hopes of gaining autonomous status for Széklerland...
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Football news: Hungary wins 5-1, bid for 2020 Cup announced

Hungarian soccer headlines: The national team split a couple of 2014 World Cup qualifying matches; MLSz announces its intention to bid for 2020 Eurocup hosting along with revitalization plans for Puskas Stadium; and another case of poor fan behavior reported...
CultureWednesday, 11:00, September 11, 2013 Read more

Seven injured in pre-match fracas in Bucharest

Before Team Hungary egregiously dropped its World Cup qualifier match to Romania, 3-0, in Bucharest on Friday night, Hungarian fans were involved in scuffling with their Romanian counterparts and police...
PoliticsMonday, 06:40, September 9, 2013 Read more

Vona: Russia can defeat “Euro-Atlantic” power bloc

Jobbik president Gábor Vona got some space at Voice of Russia online this week and did he ever fill it. In an exclusive interview, Vona covers a wide range of topics, proudly expounding upon the Jobbik philosophy...
PoliticsFriday, 13:00, September 6, 2013 Read more

Government in appeal against Roşia Montană gold mine

As thousands protest a vote in Romania which would allow mining with cyanide-leaching technology in the Roşia Montană area, the Hungarian government released a formal request for interests there to rethink the environmental consequences...
PoliticsTuesday, 12:30, September 3, 2013 Read more

BBJ’s stories of the week, August 10-16

It’s Friday, another ending of a news cycle – and so, before BBJ checks out for a nice four-day weekend, we take one look back at the bigger stories we followed this week. Subjects include Hungary's banks, the Romanian president and a couple Fidesz appointments...
BusinessFriday, 15:00, August 16, 2013 Read more

Romanian President: We will “rein in Budapest”

In the wake of Jobbik Party President Gábor Vona’s typically bombastic comments at a youth camp in Harghita on the weekend, Romanian President Traian Băsescu has declared that his government would “rein in Budapest” from interfering with national government policies throughout the region...
PoliticsTuesday, 12:30, August 13, 2013 Read more

Baile Tusnad youth camp: Who said what?

The annual summer university and youth camp for Hungarians in Romania attracted perhaps more attention than in the previous 23 meetings combined, with seemingly everybody who is somebody in the Orbán administration, including the prime minister himself, making appearances at the event. Many politicos took the opportunity to make announcements, advance news storylines and/or give policy speeches.
PoliticsMonday, 08:10, July 29, 2013 Read more

Romanian minister tees off on Hungarian “interference”

Controversy of the treatment of the Szekler community in Romania has spilled over into a youth camp organized by the two countries, as Romanian minister George Ciamba publicly accuses his Hungarian co-organizers of pushing a political agenda which interferes with sovereign Romanian processes...
PoliticsFriday, 10:55, July 26, 2013 Read more

Raiffeisen seeks cost cuts, no plans to exit from any region, CEO says

Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank International must cut costs “massively” as opportunities to grow dry up in parts of Central and Eastern Europe, its new chief executive said in interviews quoted by Reuters.
BusinessMonday, 15:40, June 24, 2013 Read more

Romanian gov’t publicizes salaries in state-owned companies

Managers of the state-owned companies in Romania get monthly allowances between €2,500 and over €14,000, local news site reported citing data provided by the government.
BusinessFriday, 15:35, May 31, 2013 Read more

MOL inaugurates first phase of €10 mln fuel terminal in Romania

Hungarian oil and gas company MOL on Thursday inaugurated the first phase of a €10 million fuel terminal in Giurgiu, Romania.
BusinessFriday, 15:05, May 31, 2013 Read more

Hungarians outside Hungary might strengthen Orbán's power base

A Hungarian government programme to grant ethnic Hungarians abroad the right to vote has handed Prime Minister Viktor Orbán an advantage that could, in a close election, keep him in power.
PoliticsFriday, 11:05, May 31, 2013 Read more

Privatization of Romanian post fails to deliver

The privatization process for the Romanian Postal Service as required by the IMF has failed to attract a single bidder, the chief executive said.
BusinessWednesday, 11:25, May 29, 2013 Read more

KDB bank prepares for regional expansion

The state-owned Korea Development Bank has renamed its unit in Hungary KDB Bank Europa and wants to use it as a base for expansion in the region, the former KDB Bank (Magyarország) told news agency MTI.
BusinessTuesday, 07:45, May 28, 2013 Read more

Romanian rail freight sale in his way

Romania put an attempt to privatize its rail freight business, CFR Marfa, back on track on Friday, in line with conditions laid down by the IMF and EU, saying that three disqualified candidates had re-qualified.
BusinessMonday, 17:45, May 27, 2013 Read more

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