Official: EU could continue funding if issues are solved

Despite reports of concerns in the European Commission about corruption, Jyrki Katainen of Finland, the ECʼs Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, said in Budapest today that he believes EU funding for Hungarian tenders is being suspended for “technical issues”, according to Hungarian online daily
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Government scraps M4 funding contract

The Hungarian government yesterday decided at a cabinet meeting to cancel a contract for European Union funding for a planned stretch of the M4 motorway, Hungarian news agency MTI reported today.
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Hungary to spend HUF 150 bln in EU funding on flood defense

Hungary will spend some HUF 150 bln in European Union funding on flood defence in the 2014-2020 budget period, a national water management authority official said yesterday.
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EC clears five Hungarian programs for funding in 2014-2020

The European Commission (EC) on Friday approved five of Hungary's operative programs for European Union funding in 2014-2020, the EC announced. 
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HUF 2.1 trillion in EU grants still available

Hungary has another HUF 2.1 trillion in EU funding available to be called down before closing the 2007-2013 budget cycle without losing these funds, state secretary Balázs Rákossy told Hungarian news agency MTI.
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Hungary uses up all EU funding available for 2007-2013

Hungary used 100% of resources available during the 2007-2013 European Union funding period, deputy state secretary Nándor Csepreghy told Hungarian news agency MTI today.
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Gov't raises funding for drug subsidies

The Hungarian government said it would raise funding for drug subsidies and subsidies of medical aids and equipment in 2014 by HUF 13 bln and HUF 4.8 bln respectively, in a resolution released yesterday, Hungarian news agency MTI reported today.
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Hungarian state purchase EU funding software company

The Hungarian state closed a deal to buy privately owned software company Welt 2000 Kft., which developed and owns the software that manages the EU tendering processes and distribution of funds, which amount to approximately HUF 1 trillion per year, Hungarian news portal reported yesterday.
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Csaba Metal spends HUF 1 bln on expansion

Hungarian-owned automotive industry supplier Csaba Metál announced it would invest HUF 1 bln on an expansion at its base in Békéscsaba in southeastern Hungary, owner Béla Majoros informed Hungarian news agency MTI.
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Ziehl-Abegg increases headcount with EU funding

Special engines and ventilator parts maker Ziehl-Abegg, located in Marcali in western Hungary, augmented its production and logistics capacity and its informatics with an investment of more than HUF 1 bln in EU funding, MTI news agency reported yesterday.
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Gov’t: No political risk to EU funds

The Prime Minister's Office yesterday rejected the idea that political risks could delay acceptance of Hungary's EU-funded operative programmes in Brussels, according to a Hungarian news agency MTI.
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Yacht club completes HUF 300 mln improvement

Hungary's oldest yacht club, located in Balatonfüred, completed an improvement project yesterday at a cost of over HUF 300 mln. The Balatonfüred Yacht Club's managing director István Borocz informed Hungarian news agency MTI that the club's hangars were rebuilt and disused buildings were demolished.
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Indotek unit to build HUF 890 mln logistics base

AMD-Service laid the cornerstone of a HUF 890 mln logistics base in Nyíregyháza in noth-eastern Hungary today for the building of a new base for the Hungarian unit of Indotek Group.
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Hungary publishes first tenders for 2014-2020 EU funding

The first tenders for development funding available to Hungary during the 2014-2020 European Union budget period were published on Friday.
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Pécs inaugurates HUF 2.1 bln biogas plant

Local council-owned Tettye Forrásház Zrt. inaugurated a HUF 2.1 bln biogas plant at the sewage treatment plant in Pécs in south-western Hungary yesterday, MTI news agency reported.
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Gov't confident EC will approve plans for funding

Following talks in Brussels, the government will hand over Hungary's operative programmes to the European Commission by the end of October, and expects its approval by the end of the year, state secretary of the Prime Minister's office, Eszter Zsigmondné Vitályos, said in a parliamentary meeting yesterday.
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Barroso presents Orbán with funding agreement for 2014-2020

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso presented Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with an agreement on EU funding for Hungary in Budapest today. EU funding is granted for a seven-year period and the agreement covers the 2014-2020 term. Hungary will receive up to €34.5 bln during those seven years.
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€24 billion net EU funding for Hungary in 2007-2013

Preliminary data indicates that Hungary received net European Union funding of €24 billion during the EU’s 2007-2013 budgetary cycle, with some 99.8% of public investments financed from EU funds...
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Government submits 2014-20 EU funding plan

The central government submitted the agreement outlining Hungary’s use of European Union funding for the 2014-2020 budget period to the European Commission at the weekend and before the deadline, deputy state secretary for development policy Nándor Csepreghy announced today...
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Orbán, Slovenia PM sign road infrastructure agreement

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Slovenian counterpart Alenka Bratušek today signed a declaration of intent on developing road infrastructure and creating six border crossing points between the two countries...
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