Barroso presents Orbán with funding agreement for 2014-2020

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso presented Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with an agreement on EU funding for Hungary in Budapest today. EU funding is granted for a seven-year period and the agreement covers the 2014-2020 term. Hungary will receive up to €34.5 bln during those seven years.
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€24 billion net EU funding for Hungary in 2007-2013

Preliminary data indicates that Hungary received net European Union funding of €24 billion during the EU’s 2007-2013 budgetary cycle, with some 99.8% of public investments financed from EU funds...
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Government submits 2014-20 EU funding plan

The central government submitted the agreement outlining Hungary’s use of European Union funding for the 2014-2020 budget period to the European Commission at the weekend and before the deadline, deputy state secretary for development policy Nándor Csepreghy announced today...
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Orbán, Slovenia PM sign road infrastructure agreement

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Slovenian counterpart Alenka Bratušek today signed a declaration of intent on developing road infrastructure and creating six border crossing points between the two countries...
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Hungary omitted from EU’s top support group

Hungary has been omitted from the list of European Union member states which will receive a maximum of 95% of financing from the EU for development projects, having been removed from a measure designed to assist six nations in its top-support group...
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Conquering the Hungarian castle estate market

From the BBJ print edition: It is said the average countryside manor house in Hungary will fetch about as much as a Budapest apartment on the real estate market at present. Why is there such low demand for these properties? BBJ spoke with two chateau managers on the subject... 
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Dental Tourism Development clinics turnover up 19%

Over the past year, dental clinics participating in the Dental Tourism Development program have shown an overall increase of more than 19% in turnover: good news for local government and EU funders, who have plunked HUF 3.75 billion into 101 businesses...
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BBJ’s stories of the week, August 24-30

BBJ wraps the last week of summer in rounding up this week's top stories, including negotiations of forex-based mortgage loans and Dunaferr ownership; those pesky frozen EU funds; opposition parties falling out, then making up; and of course Sólyom...
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Suspended EU funds: Hungary could lose €2 billion

Without "urgent action," the Hungarian government could lose some HUF 600 billion in European Union funding immediately, thereby suspending progress of 13 of 15 National Development Agency programs currently underway...
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Six million jobs lost in EU since 2008, ILO

European Union economies have shed almost six million jobs since the global economic crisis struck in 2008
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Banks support MNB funding for growth program

Hungarian bank leaders invited to the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) on Monday supported the MNB's "Funding for Growth Scheme"
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Kárpátia Hungarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry sets up farm section

A meeting of the Kárpátia Hungarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry decided to establish an agriculture branch,
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MNB announces measures to boost lending

The National Bank of Hungary unveiled a package of measures dubbed “Funding for Growth Scheme"
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No funding recovery in Hungary, EU VAT case while procedure underway

Hungary will not have to repay European Union funding in cases involving the country's application of EU support for VAT as long as the legal procedure is underway, the National Economy Ministry said on Friday, responding to a query by MTI.
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Gov’t to establish new system for EU funding

Orbán said the new system would be on a human scale and replace the extremely complicated "kafkaesque" one the government inherited from its predecessors.
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Spending on R+D grows compared to GDP

Hungary ranks 19th among EU members in regard to spending on R+D, as problems in the field arise from the lack of high-tech enterprises.
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Minister announces rise in healthcare sector wages

The pay rise will affect 16,520 GPs, 67,978 specialists and 1,380 healthcare employees who provide support services.
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Ecofin approves EC recommendation for partial funding suspension

Ecofin's decision as well as the Commission's recommendation should be seen as a "constructive incentive" for Hungary to meet targets, EC vice president says.
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Matolcsy calls Ecofin decision on funding suspension sensible

The EU's finance ministers have acknowledged Hungary's achievements of reducing its state debt and implementing tight fiscal policy, the economy minister says.
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Businesses must complement net wages to get EU co-funding - paper

Only companies that raise the wages of at least two-thirds of their employees to prevent a drop of their net wages will be eligible for Hungarian state co-funding at tenders for European Union funding, the daily Vilaggazdasag reported citing National Economy State Secretary Sandor Czomba on Wednesday.
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