State fails to sell Kapuvári meat assets, 7th tender set

State-owned liquidator National Reorganization Nonprofit (NRN) cancelled the contract it signed with Saudi Arabian investors in May to sell the assets of troubled meat companies Kapuvári Hús and Kapuvári Bacon after the investors failed to meet the payment deadline, NRN Managing Director Csaba Kovács told Hungarian news agency MTI late yesterday.
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Kapuvári Hús on sale again

Investors have failed to pay the prescribed HUF 650 mln to buy Hungarian meat company Kapuvári Hús, therefore the deal is off, reported the regional daily Kisalföld today.
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Hungary’s May c/a surplus dips from April

Hungary's current-account surplus dropped to €317 mln in May, down from €519 mln in April, data pubished by the National Bank of Hungary revealed yesterday.
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Jobbik MP: We must fight exodus of youths

Almost half of young Hungarians are considering emigrating for good, and the government is failing to tackle the issue, warns MP Gergely Farkas, of the right-wing Jobbik party.
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Trade surplus at €419 mln in May

Hungary had a €419.2 mln trade surplus in May, a decrease from the figures (€71.9 mln) of same month last year, as the trend of slowing exports and growing imports continued, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) revealed in a first estimate report today.
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U.S. automotive company to expand in Hungary

BorgWarner, U.S. automotive industry supplier, is planning to raise headcount at the company’s Hungarian base located in Oroszlány by more than 300 in the upcoming years, the managing director of the unit’s turbocharger production division informed Hungarian news agency MTI yesterday.
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Győr expands airport for Audi; Wizz eyes flights

The expansion of Győr-Pér Airport, with a price tag of €6.6 mln, was officially inaugurated today. The airport is now capable of accommodating larger airliners, like the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320.
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Hungary four-quarter c/a surplus exceeds €3.5 bln

Hungary's four-quarter current-account surplus exceeded €3.5 bln in the period ended Q1, reaching a historical high, the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) said in a balance of payments report today.
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Pápai Hús takes loan to pay creditors

Hungarian meat company Pápai Hús 2013 will pay its creditors by the end of June after receiving HUF 4.2 bln in loans from the state-owned Hungarian Development Bank (MFB) pursuant to a contract signed on Wednesday...
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Hungary’s services trade surplus nearly unchanged

When it comes to services, Hungary had a net trade surplus in Q1 this year, a decrease of less than 1% when compared to the first quarter of last year, Hungary’s Central Statistical Office (KSH) reported today.
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Hungary discusses energy affairs with the US

US and Hungarian officials met in Budapest today to discuss the situation in Ukraine and energy security in Central Europe and Hungary.
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Hungary trade surplus reaches €625 mln

April figures revealed that Hungary had a €625 mln trade surplus. The measure is down by €47 mln from the same month last year, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) said in a first reading.
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Eximbank, Belarus in $10 million credit agreement

The Hungarian Export-Import Bank (Eximbank) and the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus signed a $10 million purchasing-credit agreement in Budapest yesterday...
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Trade surplus up €118 million y.o.y.; 80% of exports to EU

The KSH reported another good month for Hungary’s trade balance in February, though the government’s much-touted “East-facing” import/export strategy took something of a hit: The trade surplus rose €118 million year-on-year, with the share of exports to EU member states a big 80%... 
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Gránit Bank reports losses; Varga promises profit in 2014

Through the state’s minority-owned Gránit Bank reported total assets of HUF 72.9 billion while taking a loss for 2013 at a meeting of shareholders, National Economy Minister Mihály Varga forecasts a rosy future for the venture...
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Trade surplus for ’13 on automotive, chemical revival

Figures from KSH released today: For December, the volume of exports was up 14% and imports increased 13% year-on-year with a €303 million trade surplus. For 2013, export and import volumes moved up 4.8% and 5.0%, respectively, year-on-year...
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Boosted tax intake proves to be no miracle cure

Hungary has managed to intensify monitoring and accordingly increase the central budget’s tax revenues. Favorable as the result may be, there is a price to pay in terms of the economy’s overall competitiveness.
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Trade surplus of €804 million for Hungary in November

KSH figures released today show a 0.8% year-on-year increase in exports combined with a 2.6% decline in imports for an overall trade surplus of €804 million through November. And despite recent rhetoric, trade with European Union member states is increasing...
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Hungarian exports, imports, trade balance all up in October

Statistics released by KSH today show that exports and imports increased by 4.7% and 2.7% year-on-year, respectively, in the tenth month of 2013. The surplus on the trade balance showed an improvement of €164 million compared to the corresponding period of 2012...
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Hungary in attempt to restart cattle export to Kazakhstan, Belarus

Agriculture Administration Minister Endre Kardeván has held meetings in Kazakhstan and Belarus this week in an attempt to get Hungarian cattle exports to the countries restarted; while the former remains hesitant, the latter will seemingly soon begin importing again...
BusinessThursday, 11:00, November 28, 2013 Read more

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