At a press conference on Sunday in which Sólyom publicly presented its first leased Boeing 737-500 that had arrived at Liszt Ferenc International Airport last weekend, Vágó reiterated his company’s goals despite the slight setback in timetable. “In premium services,” he proclaimed, “we want to become Hungary’s leading airline.”

As for Sólyom’s first October flights, Vágó did not mention any particular destination beyond “in Europe”; the incipient airline had announced previously that Sólyom would be flying to Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Paris and Stockholm.

Despite this lack of information, however, Vágó continued with the propagation of announcing big plans for Sólyom: By year’s end 2014, the airline seeks to add flights to North America and China. A fleet of six, originally planned to be assembled by this date, will be in place by September, and Sólyom now intends to employ 1,500 by September 2014. Previously, the airline had announced a goal of 700 employees on the payroll by the end of this month.